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L13 – Weekly Reflection

This week I learned about how to use linking to improve the SEO of my website, as well as how to use google analytics to improve my landing page and keywords.

At the beginning, I had a hard time understanding what link building was, but watching the instruction videos as well as on YouTube I could find out that they are the links that link to your website. I learned that to have other people linking to my website it’s important that I have a content that people want to read, comment, like, and share with their friends. I know I can do that by reaching out to people who can help, as well as posting on social media and asking people to like and share with their friends.

I also learned about Google Analytics. Even though I had it on my website, I didn’t really know how to analyze that information.  I know now that these tools are so powerful that I can even find out which landing pages are performing well, which keywords work the best, and by doing that improve what I need to improve on my website.

Web Business Creation

L12 – Weekly Reflection

This week I learned about different types of social media, why it’s so important to use that tool to advertise about businesses, and how to create a plan with short and long term goals to be more successful with that strategy during the years.

            The world is connected through a network, and people are always looking at their phones, tablets, laptops and so on. I learned that by using social media, we can effectively find our target audience and deliver to them just what they are looking for, in this case what we offer.

            I created some goals to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn to advertise my business, or blog as it is right now, on social media. I was also able to set a budget with the objective of getting the right audience to my pages while I create awesome, easy, content sharing posts so that they like to come to my page. I also set some long-term goals to increase profit by affiliate links and increase traffic to my website and social media pages by following a good strategy.

            I think social media it’s an important part of any business and I am glad we got to talk about it in the class and that I can use all that knowledge for my own benefit.

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L11 – weekly reflection

This week I learned about landing page optimization. It is important to have a great landing page so that the clients or customers come to it once, come back and tell their friends about it. It is also important to make sure that they can find what they are looking for easily, so they don’t get frustrated.

I really liked that this week we got to discuss about the landing page and what was wrong with it. The landing page should match the google AdWords ad. I learned that this will make the customers trust the business.

I also learned that some of the keywords that I use in my campaign should also appear on my website. This helps that people can find it on Google and become more consistent.

I am enjoying this class

Web Business Creation

L10: Weekly Reflection

This week I learned about how to track conversions to know if people are buying things on my website, or just leaving on the cart and things like that. I decided not to use this because I am doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and I can keep track of all the click links and sales directly with them, but I appreciated to listen from my colleagues that are using it and what they thought of it.

I also learned how to keep track of a campaign. By that I mean to look at all the keywords I am using it, the average cost I am getting for each of them, if people are clicking on my website and getting something. It is so important to know not just how to create a campaign, but how to change it to make it successful.

I learned with my colleagues and with my own campaign that by paying attention to all those things I mentioned in the paragraph above we can change and use just what’s working the best. This way we can make sure we are spending our money wisely and getting the best results. I also learned that  even if we fail we can keep learning and changing till we achieve the success we want, and that’s always possible if we have the faith, the strength, and the will to keep trying.

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L09 – weekly reflection

This week I learned how to check the relevance score and the quality of  adds. I learned that the keywords I chose are important, and that they should go along with my website/landing page, in words and also on the website itself.

       I was also able to discuss how to improve one campaign, the one that was in the discussion board, and by that I was able to see what I was learning in class in what it seems to be a true example.
       I also learned how to create an account with Google Analytics and how to include that in my website. I would never thought Google had so many useful tools that can help me improve the quality of my adds, my websites, and now analytics. Definitely a great learning week.
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L08 – weekly reflection

This week I learned more about Google AdWords campaign and it’s components. It was such a good lesson. I learned that it’s important to have a headline that calls attention, as well as letting my clients know what it’s so special about my business and why I want them to come and visit my website.

I had never created a campaign before so what’s all I needed to get started. On my campaign, because I have a blog with honest reviews, I told people about that on my add. That’s what is so special about my business. I also made sure to include the topics or things I talk about in my blog.

I also had the opportunity to see, comment, give my opinion and learn from my colleague’s campaigns. This was so insightful to me and all of them gave me understanding of something I could do better or improve in my campaigns in the future.

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L07 – Weekly Reflection

This week I learned more about creating a Google AdWords campaign, and I was able to do that by focusing on my business idea, that is a beauty review blog. I’ve learned about keywords and negative keywords. That was so helpful.

Keywords must be directed directly to your niche, or to those people that you are targeting. They can’t be too broad, but at the same time they can’t be too specific. I’ve learned how to think like my clients, and by doing that it was easier to picture what I would search for if  I was looking for the same thing. It gave me the light I needed to choose what I think that are successful keywords.

I’ve also learned about negative keywords, and how those are important as well. It is important to exclude children from my advertising, because children wouldn’t know how to understand what I am trying to say with each product review as well as they wouldn’t have the money to purchase the items that I talk about in my blog. Knowing this will help me not spend money advertising for clients with no potential.

I am excited to see how my campaign goes and to learn through this process how to be successful with my business and with Google AdWords.

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L06 – Weekly Reflection


This week I learned that Solo Proprietorship is constituted by a single person, the entrepreneur. In this legal type the entrepreneur acts without the separation of assets from the individual and legal person. He, as a natural person, is responsible for the company’s debts, there is no separation of capital and the individual responds unlimited for the debts of the legal entity, including the assets that are part of his personal assets (houses, land, automobiles, Etc.)

And I realized that the best for my web business is the Sole proprietorship because it’s simple, easy of implementation and cheaply. The company income is going to be my direct income, as well the responsibility for the company’s obligations. Only a single owner needs to register the name and license the location and is ready to start your business. The company can also be on my own name as “Ioppi V”. Also, it provided an easy tax preparation.  Because I am going to be the sole owner of the business, I will full control over all decisions. and I am not required to consult any other person whenever I need to make decisions or make changes.

This week was so insightful. I’ve learned also about licenses and taxes required to open a business. As I am opening a blog, I’ve found some useful information about what’s required for that. It seems like it really depends on the purpose of the blog. Since I won’t be selling anything directly on my blog, I wouldn’t need to purchase a business license for that according to the Federal government.

However, I just really need to double check if that’s not required in Utah. Reading some of the posts for this week I found out they have an office in South Salt Lake where I can go to and ask questions, just to make sure I am doing everything right. I didn’t have time to personally go there yet but I will next week. It was also interesting to listen to my colleague’s business ideas and learn with their comments. It’s nice to see that they have this mentality of having an online business too.

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L05: Weekly Reflection

This week I’ve learned about how to develop a website. I read some interesting articles about what’s effective in a website and some of the guidelines I could use to build my own website. I also had the opportunity of researching websites that are like the ones I want to create, and that gave me an idea of successful practices I can implement in my blog to achieve that and be successful as well.

I also learned how to add a PayPal button on my website, and saw the variety of options that they offer. It made me reflect  about all forms of payment that exist. It made me consider and think about the security they offer not just for my clients, but also for my business. It made me think about all potential clients I would have, what they would use/prefer the most as payment method and so on.

I feel that this week I am one step closer from my goal to establishing my business and that I am constantly learning from the best.I feel like I am implementing good practices and that I have everything to be successful

Web Business Creation

Hosting Websites – L04: Weekly Reflection


This week we learned more about the importance of having a good Host site. After doing a very deep research about website Host, I realized that even a well-built site can be harmed if you’re on a low-quality hosting. Therefore, choosing the best web hosting is crucial to the success of an online business, as it will play a very important role throughout the life of your website. I learned that a good performing website loads your pages quickly. And this is essential to ensure that your users stay on the website longer and do not leave it due to longs loading time. It is also a crucial factor for online sales. An online store that takes time to load, loses sales and revenue, because people are not patience to wait.

The hosting company must ensure that the data of your site will be protected against any defect related to the server that hosts it. If by chance the server has a crash, the company must have an information redundancy system so that no data recorded on the server is lost in the event of an accident. Besides the issue of website upload speed, you need to make sure that your site will be available for as long as possible. Nothing is more frustrating for the user than trying to access your site and it’s off the air. Unfortunately, this can occur due to poor quality host capabilities.

When using a hosting service, you probably need to trigger the company’s support. You may never have to fix a serious problem, but you may need help to perform some configuration. It is important, at this time, that you have at your disposal efficient support channels that can be quickly fixed.  I believe Blue Host meets all these requirements.

I decided to use WordPress.org to build my website, and Bluehost is ranked on the official website of the WordPres blogging platform WordPress.org as the best shared hosting to run the WordPress blog. With its hosting plan starting at $ 6.95 / month, which offers unlimited bandwidth and storage along with a free domain, So I think Bluehost is the right choice of hosting for most WordPress users.I also found out that it maintains a dedicated team of WordPress experts to assist customers using this content manager. In addition, Bluehost provides full-time engineers for the WordPress development team, that is, BlueHost staff actively participates in the development of WP and this allows them to know this CMS very well.

The Company is known for offering a quality service with an excellent rate of availability. Its servers have the best components that allow you to offer superior performance to many other web hosting services. It offers a wide range of services ranging from shared hosting to cloud hosting.

I learned that no matter if you have a blog or website, choose the best possible hosting for it. Never put it on any website hosting just to save money. If you choose good hosting for your website or blog you can say that 50% of the work is done, the rest is putting content and start receiving many visits on the site!