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Final Project – Design Slides

Final Project – In Design Slides

I chose an ad from Nike new plus size workout clothes. In this case for women workout outfits  shows the signature tank top and leggings .


Company Background


Nike, Inc.  is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design,    development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. Nike, Inc.  is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design,    development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.
The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area.
It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion



Original AD

The Overall message for this campaign is that even people that are over weight is capable to workout, and deserves to wear cute Nike workout clothes.

A Closer Look – Design


The target audience focus on the female plus size population interested in exercise and sports. The Overall message for this campaign is that even people that are over weight is capable to workout, and deserves to wear cute Nike workout clothes. The ad shows a plus size model wearing Nike sports bra and leggings. The model is happy and have no shame of showing her body.Background looks like a basket ball field or an outdoor field to exercise

A Closer Look – Colors

The Ad uses a solid nude color on the background to not get much attention of what is supposed to be in evidence on the end – the workout clothes-
The workout clothes have the classic black and white color that matches perfectly with the original Nike logo. The Ad also uses the repetition technique matching the Ad text line word “can” with the dark red color of the model hair accessory. And the remaining text line also matches the workout clothes colors. The logo brand design placed in the ad matches the logo using on the model clothes black and white.


A Closer look – Typography


The Typography used in the Ad text line is a Serif type, and the font used was Calisto MT. Serifs font was chosen because its recognize for being exceptionally legible texts. Making it easy to read on web Ad or magazines, and along with a classical style.


New Ad – A Closer Look Design



This new Ad shows more plus size models wearing Nike workout clothes. The message that anyone are capable to work out and wear cute workout clothes. Anyone can become the best version of yourself. The models looking straight to the camera transmitting the message of how empower they feel, they are not ashamed of their bodies, in fact, they are proud of themselves.


A Closer Look – Colors


The new Ad keep the traditional colors black and white, which also matches the text line using black and white again applying the principle of repetition. Black and white is usually a color that looks good in everyone as well.

A Closer Look – Typography


The typography used was Serif, making it easier to read from a print form or web. the fonts used was Bookman old style and Calisto MT. Different sizes of fonts to contrast it better, and make the tittle in evidence.


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Creative AD – Using Adobe Photoshop

Colgate – When the toothbrush becomes your hero – Final Creative AD

I chose to do my creative AD using Adobe Photoshop.

I did a magazine ad in two different sizes

1 size: Magazine Full Page Ad – 8.5” x 11” (150-300 resolution/dpi)


Background retrieved from Site beleza da moda

2 size: Magazine Half Page Ad – 8.5” x 5.5” (150-300 resolution/dpi)


Background picture retrieved from Site Beleza da Moda


My intended audience for this ad was little kids from 3 to 13 years old, that parents have a hard time to get them to brush their teeth. This ad was  created transmit the message that to brush your teeth is a very important thing, as relating the brush as Super Hero that will kill all the little germs the kids have on their mouth.

I also tried to illustrated the germs  attacking the teeth , so the kids could see what the brush needs to battle against. So they could also realize the importance of brushing their teeth.

I tried to use a carton style, with vibrant and warms colors, that could also repeat the colors of the brand Colgate slogan. I choose a typeface that was not so professional, to create more like a “fun” ad, I used the adobe Photoshop to get the images together, and Illustrator to fix the cartoons germs.  That is definitely an ad that would be enjoyed by kids and by their fathers as well.

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Icon Illustrator – Reverse Engineer

Icon set using Illustrator Adobe





These were the Icons I created Using the Illustrator Adobe. I never thought how powerful this tool could be and about the variety of things you are able to create as long you know how to use the right tool.

My target audience was little kids, My icons are very colorful  I want to pass the message of a fun place to eat and hang out.I believe young children would prefer these colors and respond more positively.

I create these icons with the purpose to use in some kids menu restaurant, or some foreign language illustration books like french, Spanish etc. Since kids were my target audience, I choose a style that would be appealing to them,  so part of my strategy was using some vivid . warm, and bright colors!

My design is a cartoon design with food that would catch attention of everyone, I tried to make a variations of food that would go well on a picnic basket, or a kids menu, or books, I chose to use black line to draw the shapes using and all sorts of tools from Illustrator.





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How to take better pictures? – Photography – Reverse engineer post

Today with the wave of Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, everyone wants to post a cool photo. If you like to take photos or are a beginner photographer, it is good to know some simple tips that will help you better snap the moments and achieve great results. You do not need to have a professional camera or be an expert to take quality photos. Some simple rules can make the entire difference.

When portraying a landscape or even a person, the photographer should seek to compose the scene in such a way that the result is harmonious and pleasing to anyone who sees the image. It’s like looking at a landscape through a window, you have to move a little to the left or right, up or down, and watch as the framing changes. Sometimes a minor change in framing can give a surprising effect to your picture.
I am going to show three universal principles that will help those who have little practice to achieve a much better result. Even thou, nothing replaces your imagination and experimentation.


Rule of Thirds 

Picture taken by Claudia Regina
Picture taken by Claudia Regina

This picture was taken by Claudia Regina. She mentally  divided the image on her camera’s display into three horizontal and vertical parts.  When taking a picture, you should place the main subject and other subjects of interest in the intercept points of the lines or according to them. It consists of dividing the image mentally into nine equal parts by means of two parallel horizontal lines and two vertical lines.

You should then place the subject of the photograph somewhere along the intersection of the lines. This photograph above illustrates it perfectly: As you can see the photographer placed the Boat in a point of intersection at the bottom left. Any other point would be valid in the rule of thirds. These points in photography are called strengths. These are points that especially attract the attention of those who observe the photograph.

Leading Lines

Picture taken by : Diego Juliano
Picture taken by : Diego Juliano

The picture was taken by Diego Juliano. You can use lines of objects or nature in the image to guide the viewer’s eyes to the main point, such as a road or river, a beach bale or post wires.
This picture was taken with lines that converge to a single point, the lines control the way the viewer move around the picture, creating a notion of three dimensional and depth in the image. They are also called convergent lines, which are the basis of perspective, along with vanishing points ,which are the points to which these lines are converging. Converging lines starting in the foreground help to direct the viewer’s gaze to the focal point of the photo in the background.

Depth of Field

Picture retrieved from the blog of : Kelly Buss. The picture was taken by her kids.

Depth of field is the factor that determines which part of the image will be in focus and how much will be blurred, both in front of and behind the subject of the photo. It defines which areas of the photo will be in focus (sharp and clear) and which areas will be blurred (blurry and smooth). The first step in adjusting the depth of field is to choose a focus point, as you can see in the picture above. This can only be done manually in cameras that have the manual focus feature, in the others, the camera itself will identify the best illuminated object and focus automatically.

When focusing on a subject, the depth of field can vary greatly, this will mainly depend on the aperture value of the diaphragm, the larger the aperture, the smaller the depth of field, and only sharp objects in the picture that are at the same distance Subject or close to it. In an open-plan photo, the blur effect may be very interesting, but if you want everything to be in focus then you should decrease the aperture value. When acquiring practice in controlling the depth of field, the photographer can achieve very interesting effects in his photographs.

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Examples of 2 typefaces contrasting – Typography – Reverse engineer post


Retrieved from: Kaleidoscope app


The ads was retrieved from the Kaleidoscope app website, a company that review the differences in text, images, folders and unify layouts. This add is a perfect example of a well design add with a perfect contrast of typefaces, color and size. Having a good typography is crucial to building a strong design identity.  With so many font choices out there, sometimes it’s pretty hard to choose the right one. However, this company used different font choices , well aligned with the philosophy of their business.

Typeface #1

Retrieved from: Kaleidoscope app


The First Typeface used is called Script. Script are all considered to imitate human writing. These fonts are widely used in graphic works such as Invitations. By reproducing human writing, this website tries to pass the message of elegance, class, creativity and sympathy. Using script on the title transmits a greater sense of humanization. Usually scripts are more worked and with more ornaments, their use is usually associated with sophistication, for some invitation or certificate. Because of its great detailing, it is not recommended for long texts, being perfectly used on their title.

Typeface #2

Retrieved from: Kaleidoscope app


They used a Sans serif typeface that is easily recognized by not having serifs on the ends or strokes. By using the sans serif, they tried to pass the message of clean, simple, and modern appearance. In addition, Sans Serif typefaces are also easy to read on screens, so it is very recommended to be used on the web.  It was used as part of their title and text. They were perfect used for displaying texts on the monitor because they transmit a sense of cleanliness, clarity, organization, prime factors to attract the visitor to reading their website.




Retrieved from: Kaleidoscope app

The contrast was applied in a consistent use of different font sizes, typefaces and colors across the page, reinforcing the importance of each element to the readers. The more balanced the typography contrast, the easier it will be to read, because we can better distinguish each letter and its arrangement between the lines. By varying the font sizes they also created a sense of scale and hierarchy, enhancing the website communication, making the reader easily understand what the company wants to transmit because of the work’s visual. The contrast was also used to capture the main ideas of the website, helping to get attention and attracts their visitors to stay longer on the website.




Understanding the meaning and application of these basic typographical elements and utilizing them skillfully definitely will significantly improve the quality of my future projects, whether printed or online. However, it is important to keep in mind that design is a creative process, there is no right or wrong. What is good for one project is not necessarily good for another project. Each project is different. Each project has an audience, a goal, a support. Knowing rules is important to find the typefaces, sizes and colors that will provide a perfect contrast together. I was also able to learn that there are no specific rules on how many fonts you should use in the layout of a page. Using multiple sources together can be difficult, achieving harmony between them is the most challenge task, but if you manage well to get through it, the result can be incredible.

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Rosie Riveter and Clorox? – Reverse Engineer Post

Rosie Riveter and Clorox? – Reverse Engineer Post


Unofficial Service
Publisher Suite 101 Source
Critical Commons


The majority of ads have the purpose to convince the audience to purchase a particular product or service. I choose this ad From Clorox which is a multinational leading company that markets some of the most trusted and recognized consumer brand names, including its namesake bleach and cleaning products. The product uses Rosie Riveter, that was a symbol that represented the powerful women during the Second World war. She became a cultural symbol that represented female Strength and perseverance. Clorox tried to do a parody of an ad which stands for women and their hard work during war.  Even thou, the ad reverses the original ad purpose. I am going to focus on the design and about the 5 basic principles.



The ad has a strong and large type headlines, contrasting with the small type line below, the headline is also in bold contrasting with the thin line below. There is also contrast on the white font typed on the bottom about the features, using the same color of the headline on the text background.



The bolder heading has a smaller line below that establishes the relationship with the headline content, following with the picture of the cleaning products that explains the meaning of the word “clean” used on the line, adding more sense to the campaign. The proximity of both lines and the cleaning products picture draws the audience eyes from the beginning to the end of text. The use of  Rosie Riveter also helps to create proximity because it’s already a familiar icon.




The word – Power – on the headline is repeated on the following paragraph helping the reader to strength the sense of the ad message. Also, the Clorox slogan color – blue – is repeated on the second line. Coincidentally or not, the slogan colors – Blue and Red-  are used by Rosie Riveter as well. Another repetition was the patch on Rosie’s jacket that was changed to that of the Clorox symbol, adding more to the advertisement and promoting the brand. And the yellow patch matching the yellow background.C


The same colors were used: Bold yellow, blue and red, which is the same color as Rosie River symbol uses, which are already recognized by the public that knows the iconic character. That is also the slogan of the product colors (repetition) resulting the perfect match of colors to the advertisement, choosing the bold yellow as a vibrant color to catch attention as well.



On this image the text have a right alignment, allowing the picture of Rosie River to take a bigger space, So you can look first to the picture, than read the text to associate with the icon of power.



This advertisement takes a classic role and molds it to fit their advertising purposes. By taking a common icon, it is easy for Clorox to advertise their products to the general public. Although the advertisement fails to have an effective message to get consumers to buy their product, the creators of the Clorox ad had an awesome strategy, that used well all the 5 design elements principle. by changing the wording, the advertisement is still grabbing the reader’s attention, especially the woman’s, even thou the words reflect a different message.